About Basin Naturopathic Care

Welcome to Basin Naturopathic Care.  

Dr. Carol Petherbridge N.D. has created a new approach to wellness, with new tools, yet still based on the Naturopathic philosophy that the body heals itself when given the proper support.  Simple, cutting-edge, revolutionary technologies, along with nutritional products are the core of her practice. Dr. Carol utilizes a state-of-the-art neurofeed back system to balance the central nervous system: Dynamic brain fitness training with Zengar’s Neuroptimal system.  She has also recently integrated some other cutting edge procedures that you can find information about on her home page.


Dr. Carol graduated from the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, Oregon in 1986 along with her husband Dr. Patrick Donohoe N.D. They co-founded the Bear Creek Naturopathic Clinic in Medford, Oregon where they had a thriving general family practice for 18 years. After Dr. Patrick’s sudden passing in 2003, Dr. Carol sold their practice to focus on caring for her young family.

After attending to family, she chose to return to practice, but after years of her prior practice, Dr. Carol was becoming frustrated with the feeling that, as she puts it, “I was just chasing my patient’s symptoms around with all the herbs, homeopathic remedies, diets, and nutritional supplements I was prescribing. I was just not getting to the root cause of their symptoms and making the deep, lasting changes I knew were possible.”  Therefore she chose to add the cutting edge practices, along with her past experience to her new practice.  Dr. Carol continuously researches the latest technologies and procedures in order to provide the highest quality of care available to her patients.
She has now made her 30+ years of experience in natural medicine available to the Klamath Basin, by sharing her passion for educating, supporting, and inspiring her patients towards optimal health here in Klamath Falls, Oregon.

Dr. Carol has established a home base, for her client centered practice, at the office of Back to Health Chiropractic Alliance in Klamath Falls Oregon.